Dear Sirs, placing an order is equivalent to the acceptance of all conditions contained herein. Please
become familiar with these rules before purchasing.

These Regulations define the principles of the goods purchasing in the online shop, which is run by the
Seller at the address

The Seller is P.P.H.U. „FOR YOU” S.C. Bożena Burzyńska, Czesław Burzyński headquartered
in Katowice, Aleja Roździeńskiego 90

The numer of NIP: 634-000-01-14, Regon 008434229,

The contact with company is possible by:

- using contact form located on website
- using e-mail address,
- at phone nuber + 48 32 2589756 or fax + 48 32 2589756

§ 1 Definitions

1. Regulations – these regulations. In the terms of electronically supplied services the
Regulations are regulations in the meaning of art. 8 of the Act from 18th July 2002 of
electronic services.
2. Client - natural person, legal entity or organizational unit without legal personality and
having the capacity to perform legal acts, who shall make Orders in the Online Shop on the
principles defined in these Regulations.
3. Seller – entity which provides sales services via Online Shop on the principles defined in
these Regulations.
4. Subject of transaction - goods listed and described on the Online Shop’s website.
5. Goods – movable item, which is presented at the Online Shop; to which Sales Agreement
6. Supplementary services – the service which is provided by the Seller beyond the Online
Shop, according to the nature of sold Goods.
7. Sales Agreement – sales agreement of the Goods in the meaning of the Civil Code, which is
concluded between the Seller and the Client via Online Shop.
8. Online Shop (Shop) - internet service available at www., through which
the Client can place an Order.
9. Order - declaration of Client’s will, which defines clearly the type and amount of Goods;
aimed directly to the Sales Agreement’s conclusion.
10. IT System – a unit of cooperating IT devices and software, which provides processing and
storaging, as well as sending and receiving data through a telecommunication networks using
appropriate end device for the specific type of network.

§ 2 General principles

1. These Regulations defines the principles of using the Online Shop available at
2. The condition of placing an Order at the Online Shop by the Client is to become
familiar with the Regulations and to accept its provisions at the time of Order’s
3. Online Shop runs WHOLESALE via Internet.
4. All of the Goods offered at shop are brand-new, originally
packed, free from physical and legal defects, and have been legally launched into the
polish market.
5. According to the technical demands necessary to cooperate with the ICT system used
by the Seller to the purchase realization, the Client should have an active e-mail
account (e-mail) and the device connected to the Internet, which meets the minimum
of technical requirements.

§ 3 Orders placing

1. All of the prices given on the www.foryou.katowice website are the net prices in polish
zlotys. Given prices do not include shipping costs.
2. Orders are placed at the website.
3. Orders placed at the website may be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the
whole year. Orders placed after 16:00 o’clock and on Saturdays, Sundays and days of
statutory holidays will be realized on the following business day.
4. The order is effective, if the Client filled out correctly order form and contact details,
including the exact details of the company to which the product has to be sent, and a
phone number and e-mail.
5. In case of incomplete data, the Seller will contact with the Client. If contact with the
Client will not be possible, the Seller has the right of the Order canceling.
6. In the time of the Order placing, the Client can agree with placing personal data in the
database of the Seller’s Online Shop in the aim of its processing in connection with the
Order’s realization. In case of authorization, the Client has the right to look at own data,
correct it or ask for its removal.
7. The Client can use from the option of data’s remembering by the system, in order to
facilitate the further Orders placing. For this purpose, the Client should enter login and
password needed to access to the own account. The Client’s login is an e-mail address
given by him/her. The password is a string of marks set by the Client. The Client is
obliged to keep it in a secret and protect against unauthorized access by third parties.
8. After placing an effective Order, the Client will receive a massage from Online Shop with
confirmation of Order receiving.
9. The time of initialization of order realization coincides with the moment of the order

§ 4 The costs and time of shipping

The Goods are sent to the address indicated in the order form. The Shop will inform the
Client immediately about incorrectly completed order form, which makes shipping
realization impossible or can delay it.

The Goods are delivered by UPS courier company. The cost of shipping on the terms of
cash on delivery (“COD”) is 23 pln net.

The shipment is delivered in 3 days within available assortment. This is an approximate
time of delivery and relates to the orders with “COD” option.

The Client is charged with delivery (shipping) costs while orders are up to 800,00 pln net.

Order over 800,00 pln net – the Seller covers the costs of shipping.

How do we deliver goods

Currently we offer you shipment of our goods available on online shop by UPS courier company.

- The cost of “COD” is 23,00 pln net (within territory of Poland)
- The cost of delivery to the European Union is about 32 Euros for 1 package up to 30
kg – DPD POLSKA courier company
- The Client from EU may hire a transport company, about which the Client will inform
the Seller by giving a name of courier company and the date of package pick up.
- The cost of delivery to the countries outside EU – agreed individually with the Client.
If you will decide to place an order, then, after its receiving, the order is verified and sent. If
full realization of the order is impossible, we will send you an information about available
models. After confirmation of the order we will send you products ordered in our shop.

Methods of payment

You will make a payment during the goods collecting – we send the goods by “COD” on a
territory of Poland.

Prepayment on our company’s bank account is possible on a base of pro-forma invoice, which
is sent to the client by an e-mail.

We send goods to the client after payment’s entry on our account. In this case the cost of
delivery is 19,00 pln net – relates to the orders up to 800,00 pln net.

§ 5 Payments

1. We issue an invoice for each product sold.
2. Payment for an ordered goods is made on a basis of “COD” (during goods collecting).
3. Payment on the company’s bank account:



NR IBAN: PL14 1050 1214 1000 0007 0002 0241

NR BIC(SWIFT): INGBPLPW 0700001729/51

After payment entry on the account – the goods are sent to the client

§ 6 Privacy policy and protection of personal data

1. The administrator of personal data bases, which are given by the online shop’s clients
according to the purchase, is the Seller - PPHU „FOR YOU” S.C. Bożena Burzyńska,
Czesław Burzyński Burzyński headquartered in Katowice, al. Roździeńskiego 90.

2. Personal data are used in the aim of sales contracts realization, therefore could be given to
the subjects responsible for the delivery of purchased goods to the client.

3. Information about methods and technical means for detecting and correcting errors in given

a. During the Order placing, up to the moment of pushing the button of “Confirm the order”,
the Clients, who have account on the Online Shop, have possibility of correcting given data
by editing the account profile.

b. The data verification or Order corrections can be made also by sending an e-mail message
to the Seller at address.

c. The Client has the possibility of changing the given data during the account creating, at any
time, within the available options.

4. Information about the principles and methods of fixation, preservation and disclosure of
the content of the concluded agreement to the second side by the Seller:

a. Fixation, preservation and disclosure of the content of the concluded agreement is followed
by sending the appropriate e-mail message after the conclusion of the Sales Agreement.

b. The content of the concluded agreement is additionally fixed and preserved within the IT
system of the Seller and disclosed on each demand of the Client.

1. The Clients who have an account in the Shop will be informed about amendments to the
Regulations through the e-mail correspondence.

2. If in the time of last logging the amendments to the Regulations were provided, the Client
will accept or not its provisions after changes. In case of lack of the Regulations’ acceptance,

especially after amendments, purchasing in Online Shop is impossible.

Personal data shall be protected in accordance with the Act of 29th August 1997 on
personal data protection (unified text Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 101 poz. 926, with
amended.) to prevent access by third parties.